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Which Relationship Journal is Right for Me?

February 24, 2010

Which of Your Sweetheart Journals Should I Buy, What I Love About You or The Book of Us?

People who know our family journal books often ask which book they should buy as a gift for their special someone, The Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions or What I Love About You.  They are both wonderful fill-in books that foster intimacy and communication, and I think both will he cherished by both you and and partner, but here’s how I see the differences.

What I Love About You is like an extended keepsake greeting card where you can tell your romantic partner who much you appreciate him or her, not just in one or two ways as you can with a card, but in a hundred ways.  It’s a fun short book that can be filled out completely before the unwrapping, or partially filled out and then completed with the partner after the gift is given.  This book is a Valentine’s Day and wedding shower favorite.  It even works for couples who have been dating a short time.


The Book of Us has a bit of a different approach.  In 150 questions, it follows the couple from the first date to the golden retirement years.  So if you get it as a wedding present, the husband and wife can fill out the dating years but will fill in the rest as they progress through their matrimony.  If you receive it as an anniversary present later in the marriage, you will be able to fill out half with tender memories,  and then complete the second half as you go through life together.


Many couples buy both books because they each express the love in different ways.  They also make great birthday and Christmas gifts.  I hope this helps.